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Inspiration and a vision for TAN RAW CONCEPTS...

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So many times I am asked by salon owners, salon professionals, small business owners, and young woman thriving to make it in this competitive world of the work force.  What inspired me to start my own line of sunless tanning products?  What inspires me to create fresh ideas for products?.  Where do I find the people to help me?  Where and how do I begin the process of product production and design?  My answer to all of you is research and experience!  I love skin products as much as I love shoes!  I'd have to admit I'm a sales girls dream at sephora!  I can pretty be talked into buying anything if it guarantees my face to preserve its youthful glow;). I shop beauty supplies, buy lots of stuff I don't need!!  Lol. I request beauty product catalogs, product literature that's available at cosmetics counters, sample packs, and attend tons of esthetician trade shows.  All of this helps influence me just enough to create my own vision for TAN RAW CONCEPTS.  Having the right marketing team along with manufactures is probably the most crucial.  With all of my crazy ideas and how much of a scatter brain I can be at times I never stop collaborating my ideas ( even in my sleep).  I can only imagine how difficult I can be at times to understand.  But, it's that chemistry you need with your team so that they can help you execute your vision. It's my brand and I believe, therefor I will succeed.  My number one girl and I adventured out the other day for some inspiration since we have just landed our very first retail beauty supply ( Naimie's Beatuy, Los Angeles CA) and these displays have given us some rays of sunshine :).  


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